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Former Magneto's Asteroid M. Home of the mutant, separated from the rest of the US.

Elements of location

Place of birth

Notable locations

  • Atlantean Pillar
  • Bar
  • The Beach
  • Cerebra Chamber
  • Classroom
  • Command Center
  • Cyclops' office
  • Conference Room
  • Danger Room
  • Dr Kavita Rao's office
  • The Hangar
  • The Lab
  • Med Bay / Sick Bay / The Infirmary
  • Mess Hall
  • New Atlantis (beneath Utopia)
  • Room 22B (Magma)
  • The Student Kitchens
  • Student Quarters
  • Upper Corridors
  • X-Brig
  • X-Club laboratory


Logo Anarchy


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Cable #022 (2010)

Alani and Santo see a picture of Cable and Hope in the Revolutionary War.

Chaos War

Chaos War #01 (2010)

Cloak And Dagger

Cloak And Dagger #01 (2010)

Dark Avengers

Dark Avengers #8

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #01 (2009)

Prv3328 pg4
Prv3328 pg5
Prv3328 pg6
Prv3328 pg7
Prv3142 pg2
Prv3142 pg3
DRKAUNCXF001 int-13
DRKAUNCXF001 int-16
Prv3142 pg5
DRKAUNCXF001 int-28
DRKAUNCXF001 int-29
DRKAUNCXF001 int-34
DRKAUNCXF001 int-35
DRKAUNCXF001 int-39

Dark Reign: The List

Dark Reign: The List: X-Men #01 (2009)

Namor tells the X-Men about the monster decimating the Atlanteans. They decide to help him by luring it toward Utopia, hiding the Atlanteans half a world away and fighting the beast. After the fight is won, the Atlanteans are transported back to Utopia.

Dark Reign X-Men The List 10


Dazzler #01 (2010)


Deadpool #016 (2009)

Deadpool asks to join the X-Men but Cyclops refuses. After the Mercury's father incident and a talk with Dagger, Cyclops reconsiders Deadpool's proposal. He sends Domino tell him.

9765new storyimage-34512087 495x751
9765new storyimage-44512088 495x751
9765new storyimage-54512088 495x751

Deadpool #017 (2009)

Mercury calls his father but he's on TV and this becomes a PR disaster. Domino give Cyclops a report about Deadpool. Cyclops sends Wolverine to deal with him and keep him as far away as possible.

Deadpool 17 pg02
Deadpool 17 pg03
Deadpool 17 pg04
Deadpool 17 pg05
Deadpool 17 preview03
Deadpool 17 preview04


Doomwar #01 (2010)

Doomwar #06 (2010)

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four #584 (2010)

Generation Hope

Generation Hope #05 (2011)

Cerebra chamber.
Cyclops' office.

Generation Hope #06 (2011)

Cyclops' office.
The Lab.
Student Quarters.
The Beach.
The Student Kitchens.
Cerebra Chamber.

Nation X

Nation X #01 (2010)

Nation X #02 (2010)

Nation X #03 (2010)

Nation X #04 (2010)


Necrosha X #01 (2009)

Blink teleports an army of dead mutants. The X-Brig is hacked and attacked. Then the rest of the island. Angel and Warpath are flying back and bringing Rahne but they crash down. Doug Ramsey leads a team of Hellions and goes after Magma. Destiny contacts Blindfold.

9662new 3
9662new 4

New Mutants

New Mutants #05 (2009)

Scott tells Dani that Sam didn't include her in the proposed roster of his team. Magik and Karma are debriefed by Dr Kavita Rao. Madison Jeffries, Dr Nemesis, Rogue and Danger work on cataloguing and controlling Legion's personalities. Roberto tries to flirt with Rogue to his friend's embarrassment. Dani confronts Sam and wins a place in the team.[1]

New Mutants #06 (2009)

Professor Xavier meets the new incarnation of the New Mutants. Doug Ramsey spies on them. Later he attacks them and kills Warlock.[2]

New Mutants 6 page02
New Mutants 6 page03
New Mutants 6 page04
New Mutants 6 page05
New Mutants 6 page06
Mutants 6-4
Mutants 6-5

New Mutants #07 (2010)

Doug Ramsey and the Hellions fight the New Mutants. Underwater, Warlock seems to revive himself.[3]

New Mutants 7 pg02
New Mutants 7 pg03
New Mutants 7 pg04
New Mutants 7 pg06

New Mutants #08 (2010)

The New Mutants try to bring Magma to the medical center but need to fight the undead Hellions. Warlock revives and Illyana removes the bad magic in him.
In the sick bay, Dr Nemesis inject a product in Magma who wakes up full of power.
Warlock destroys the Hellions and removes the infected techno-organic virus from Doug Ramsey who comes to his sense.[4]

New Mutants 08 p02
New Mutants 08 p03
New Mutants 08 p04
New Mutants 08 p05
New Mutants 08 p06

New Mutants #09 (2010)

New Mutants #010 (2010)

New Mutants #012 (2010)

New Mutants #013 (2010)

New Mutants #014 (2010)

New Mutants #015 (2010)

X-Med Bay.


Psylocke #01 (2010)

Psylocke #04 (2010)

Uncanny X-Men

Uncanny X-Men #515 (2009)

Dr Yuriko Takiguchi dies at age 86. The senior staff meet to organize Utopia and learn of the demise. Cyclops leave to San Francisco. A funeral is organized. Magneto shows up.[5]

Uncanny X-Men #516 (2009)

Magneto says he comes in peace but Pr Xavier doesn't believe him. Magneto explains his research with The High Evolutionary. Scalphunter's plane asks to land on Utopia. Nightcrawler teleports in to check the cargo and realizes it's a trap.[6]

Prv3570 pg5
Prv3570 pg6

Uncanny X-Men #517 (2010)

Cyclops shoots the plane. The Predator X attack the island. They're defeated. The Phenix Force leaves the cuckoos. Scalphunter is made prisoner.[7]

A Preview of Uncanny X Men 518 pg04
A Preview of Uncanny X Men 518 pg05

Uncanny X-Men #518 (2010)

Magneto accepts to help the X-Club to stabilize Utopia. Pr Xavier and Cyclops try to do a psychic surgery on Emma Frost. The Void takes control of Cyclops.[8]


Uncanny X-Men #519 (2010)

Xavier, Emma Frost and Psylocke continue the psychic surgery, now that the Void attacked Cyclops. Cyclops succeeds to emprison the Void in a psychic prison.
The X-Club and Magneto power their machines but it won't be enough to keep the island afloat.
Beast feels he shouldn't be on Utopia and leaves.[9]

Uncanny X-Men 519 p04
Uncanny X-Men 519 p06

Uncanny X-Men #520 (2010)

Cyclops sends a team to New York City to find the missing Predator X and the origin of the nanites.
Beneath Utopia, the atlantean pillar is almost ready. Magneto tells Cyclops about it and Scott is very angry.
Magneto tells Charles Xavier the X-Men needs an article of faith from him.[10]

Uncanny X-Men 520 p02

Uncanny X-Men #521 (2010)

Uncanny X-Men #522 (2010)

Uncanny X-Men #523 (2010)

Uncanny X-Men #524 (2010)

Uncanny X-Men #525 (2010)

Uncanny X-Men #526 (2010)

Command Center.
Sick Bay.

Uncanny X-Men #527 (2010)

The Brig.
Sick Bay.
Atlantean Pillar<i>

Web of Spider-Man

Web of Spider-Man #09 (2010)

Wolverine: Origins

Wolverine: Origins #042 (2010)

Logan asks Cloak to help him.

Prv3819 pg7

Wolverine: Weapon X

Wolverine: Weapon X #010 (2010)

Wolverine and Melita sleep. At night, Melita, meets Emma Frost in the halls.[11]


Nation X: X-Factor 01 p0 #01 (2010)

X-Factor visits the island.

Nation X X-Factor 01 p06
Nation X X-Factor 01 p12
Nation X X-Factor 01 p15
Nation X X-Factor 01 p16
Nation X X-Factor 01 p17


X-Force #019 (2009)

Elixir is recovering in the sick bay. Donald Pierce is communicating with Bastion from the X-Brig. Wolverine and Domino force the Cuckoos to find X-23. Instead they locate Wolfsbane.[12]

X-Force #020 (2009)

Wolverine and Domino continue to threaten the Cuckoos into looking for X-23. After she escapes from one of the Facility location, they are able to pinpoint her.[13]


X-Force #021 (2010)

Vanisher teleports in the middle of the battle. The fight goes on. The Cuckoos tell Cyclops of the dead mutants waking up in Genosha.[14]

X Force 21 pg03
X Force 21 pg04
X Force 21 pg05

X-Force Annual #01 (2010)

Deadpool deals with a group of Acolytes attacking Utopia.[15]

X-Force #022 (2010)

The various fights continue. Rahne is revealed to be pregnant and it's killing her.
Afraid, Hrimhari calls Hela.
Selene's inner circle teleports in.[16]

X-Force 22 p01
X-Force 22 p05
X-Force 22 p06

X-Force #023 (2010)

X-Force #025 (2010)

X-Force #026 (2010)

X-Force #027 (2010)


X-Men #01 (2010)

X-Men #02 (2010)

X-Men: Hellbound

X-Men: Hellbound #01 (2010)

<i>The Infirmary.
The Hangar.

X-Men: Hellbound #02 (2010)

X-Men Legacy

X-Men legacy Annual #01 (2009)

The mutants are building Utopia. Emplate attacks Madison Jeffries and Danger. He escapes when the X-Men arrive.
Roxy gets captured by Emplate.[17]

Prv3384 pg5
Prv3384 pg6
Prv3384 pg7
Legacy 1-4
Legacy 1-5
Legacy 1-6

X-Men Legacy #228 (2010)

Rogue borrows Trance's power to find Bling! The X-Club decides to work on a project to protect the island against Emplate.[18]

Legacy 228-5

X-Men Legacy #229 (2010)

Gambit reacts badly to Rogue going on a mission. The X-Club creates the security system against Emplate and tests it. Trance is waking up.[19]

X Men Legacy 229 pg07

X-Men Legacy #230 (2010)

Trance is about to wake up and the security system is ready. When Trance wakes up, Rogue is teleported back on Utopia.
Seconds later Emplate's lighthouse crashes on the island and it's kept in a force field by the new security system. In this dimension, Bling! is capable of taking down Emplate but the X-Men have no choice but to send him back in his dimension.
Later the young mutants react to the attack, Rogue agrees to join the staff and Gambit thinks about his dark side.[20]

X-Men Legacy 230 p02
X-Men Legacy 230 p12
X-Men Legacy 230 p15

X-Men Legacy #231 (2010)

The island is under attack. The Cuckoos help Cyclops and Blindfold talk in a mental environment.
Cyclops sends Nightcrawler and a team of X-Men to Muir Island.[21]

X-Men Legacy 231 p02
X-Men Legacy 231 p03
X-Men Legacy 231 p08

X-Men Legacy #234 (2010)

X-Men Legacy #235 (2010)

X-Men Legacy #236 (2010)

X-Men Legacy #237 (2010)

X-Men Legacy #238 (2010)

X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back

X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #01 (2010)

X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #02 (2010)

X-Men: Second Coming

X-Men: Second Coming: Prepare #01

X-Men: Second Coming #01 (2010)

X-Men: Second Coming #02 (2010)

Med Bay.

X-Men vs Agents of Atlas

X-Men vs Agents of Atlas #01 (2009)

The X-Men are building the island's facilities and need Namor's help to stabilize the southend part of it. Cyclops sends Pixie check on Madison Jeffries in Graymalkin. When Pixie checks back, Cyclops realizes something's wrong and the Cuckoos confirm it.

Prv3525 pg2
Prv3525 pg3
Prv3525 pg4
Prv3525 pg5
Prv3525 pg6
AoX 1-1

X-Men vs Agents of Atlas #02 (2010)

Namor is told about the incident with the Agents of Atlas. Pr Xavier, in his medi-center bed, feels Bob the Uranian is tempering with Cerebra

X Men vs Agents of Atlas 2 page01


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