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Wundagore is a mountain in the Eastern European nation of Transia. The history of Chthon and the Darkhold are strongly tied to the mountain of Wundagore. In the Sixth Century, a cult of Darkholders led by the sorceress Morgan le Fey attempted to summon Chthon but found him to be uncontrollable. While the Darkholders were incapable of banishing him altogether, they bound him to Mount Wundagore, in what would one day become Transia. (source Wikipedia)


Astonishing X-Men

Astonishing X-Men #030 (2009)

Mighty Avengers

Mighty Avengers #021 (2009)

Pym, Hercules, Amadeus Cho, Jocasta and Jarvis arrive to investigate on the source of the global crisis. They find the Scarlet Witch waiting for them and bringing all the heroes she found, to start a new Avengers team.

PagesfromMIGHTAVN021 int Page 2
PagesfromMIGHTAVN021 int Page 3
PagesfromMIGHTAVN021 int Page 4

Mighty Avengers #022 (2009)

Quicksilver is taken prisoner by Modred. The Mighty Avengers and Iron Man are trying to calm the Hulk and to understand the situation. They enter a magic cavern.

Mighty Avengers 22 pg3
Mighty Avengers 22 pg4
Mighty Avengers 22 pg5

Mighty Avengers #023 (2009)

Mighty Avengers #023 (2009): The Mighty Avengers and Iron Man fight Modred and Chton

Mighty Avengers 23 pg05
Mighty Avengers 23 pg06
Mighty Avengers 23 pg07
Mighty Avengers 23 pg08
Mighty Avengers 23 - onegodonesupersoldierallavengers

New Avengers

New Avengers #026 (2007)


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