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Located in Manhattan, New York City, the Stark Tower Complex is named after its first owner Tony Stark. The structure is composed of a 93-story Main Tower flanked by a 35-story South Building and 55-story North Building. Located at the top of the Main Tower is the Watchtower of the superhero The Sentry.
The Main Tower along with the Watchtower became informally known as Avengers Tower, when they served as the headquarters of the superhero team the Avengers.(source Wikipedia)


Age of Heroes

Age of Heroes #03 (2010)

Age of Heroes #04 (2010)

Agents of Atlas

Agents of Atlas (vol 2) #01 (2009)

Venus comes into the Avengers Tower to talk to Norman Osborn and puts him in a video conference with Jimmy Woo.[1]

Agents of Atlas 01 p09
Agents of Atlas 01 p11
Agents of Atlas 01 p13

All-New Savage She-Hulk

All-New Savage She-Hulk #01 (2009)

Norman Osborn calls A.R.M.O.R. director to threaten him to take over the situation with his Avengers.[2]

Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man #529 (2006)

MJ and Peter Parker are waken up by Tony Stark who wants to show Peter the new Spider Armor. Stark first talk about the coming Registration Act.[3]

Amazing Spider-Man #531 (2006)

Peter Parker sees on TV reports about an explosion in Stamford.[4]

Amazing Spider-Man #532 (2006)

Peter Parker talks to Aunt May and MJ about his decision to reveal publicly his identity.[5]

Amazing Spider-Man #533 (2006)

MJ and Aunt May call Peter to comfort him after his revelation. Later, he sees Tony Stark on TV announcing he and Spider-Man will go after the heroes refusing to comply with the new law. Peter is then shot by a Captain America's supporter.
The day after, Spider-Man and Iron Man meet all the heroes that joined their side.[6]

Amazing Spider-Man #534 (2006)

Iron Man plan a prisoner transfer.[7]

Amazing Spider-Man #535 (2006)

Peter Parker begins to question his decision. Later, Peter asks his family to leave the building. Iron Man rushes in and take on Spider-Man.[8]

Amazing Spider-Man #536 (2006)

Iron Man and Spider-Man fight.[9]

Amazing Spider-Man #544 (2007)

Peter Parker tries to enter the tower but the code's changed. This prompts an alarm to Tony Stark's office. Peter sneaks in but Iron Man attacks him. Peter tells Tony about Aunt May's condition is his fault.
After they separate, Tony Stark ask Jarvis to help him.[10]

Amazing Spider-Man #595 (2009)

Harry and Peter walk by the Avengers Tower. Wolverine and Spider-Man considering taking down and killing Norman Osborn.[11]

Amazing Spider-Man 595 p05
Amazing Spider-Man 595 p08
Amazing Spider-Man 595 p09

Amazing Spider-Man #596 (2009)

In a press conference, Norman Osborn announces Harry joined the Avengers. Harry is given a tour of the Tower.
Norah Winters gets a job under cover and Peter soon realizes it.
Harry disables the CCTV in his bedroom.
Norman Osborn has a meeting with the Dark Avengers to talk about American Son. Spider-Man, disguised as Venom, is shocked by the revelations.[12]

Amazing Spider-Man 596 p02
Amazing Spider-Man 596 p06
Amazing Spider-Man 596 p07

Amazing Spider-Man #597 (2009)

Norman Osborn shows his Avengers the American Son project.
Harry tries to infiltrate the labs. Lilly finds him and gives him a security pass.
Daken attacks Spider-Man because he knows he's not the real Venom. Spider-Man wins the fight. He talks to Harry revealing he's really Spider-Man. Harry betrays him and tells to his father.
Bullseye takes Spider-Man down and Norman Osborn shoots him.[13]

Amazing Spider-Man 597 p03-04
Amazing Spider-Man 597 p05
Amazing Spider-Man 597 p06
Amazing Spider-Man 597 p07
Amazing Spider-Man 597 p20
Amazing Spider-Man 597 p22

Amazing Spider-Man #598 (2009)

Norman Osborn presents the American Son project to Harry.
Bullseye tortures Spider-Man.
Norah steals a security pass.
Norman Osborn finds a way to break Spider-Man's mask.
Harry tries to free Lilly but he realizes she doesn't want to leave Norman Osborn.
Spider-Man frees himself and fights Norman Osborn and Hawkeye. Harry, as American Son, helps him.[14]

Amazing Spider-Man 598 p02
Amazing Spider-Man 598 p03
Amazing Spider-Man 598 p04
Amazing Spider-Man 598 p05

Amazing Spider-Man #599 (2009)

American Son fights Iron Patriot. The tower is evacuated.
Later, Norman Osborn listens to Lilly's baby heartbeats.[15]

Amazing Spider-Man 599 p02
Amazing Spider-Man 599 p03
Amazing Spider-Man 599 p04
Amazing Spider-Man 599 p05-06

Amazing Spider-Man #646 (2010)

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: American Son

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: American Son #01 (2010)


Avengers #01 (2010)

Avengers #02 (2010)

Avengers #03 (2010)

Avengers #05 (2010)

Avengers #06 (2010)

Avengers #07 (2011)

Avengers #08 (2011)

Avengers Academy

Avengers Academy #05 (2010)

Training Room.

Avengers: The Initiative

Avengers: The Initiative #07 (2007)

Von Blitzschlag is supposed to do a demo of some of his experiment but his attaché-case is stolen. The Scarlet Spiders are sent against the attaché-case. Peter Parker is witness of the chasing. He joins the fight. The Scarlet Spiders let him go away after the fight.[16]

Avengers The Initiative 07 p02
Avengers The Initiative 07 p03
Avengers The Initiative 07 p04
Avengers The Initiative 07 p05
Avengers The Initiative 07 p08
Avengers The Initiative 07 p09

Avengers: The Initiative #024 (2009)

The Shadow Initiative is briefed. Taskmaster is offered to run the Initiative.[17]

Avengers: The Initiative #025 (2009)

Norman Osborn offers Tigra to take care of her pregnancy and to continue working for the Initiative but now under the Hood. He then asks Gauntlet his weapon, even if he needs to take his arm off.
They both escape. He then manages to make Diamondback and Trauma sign in.[18]

Avengers: The Initiative #031 (2010)

Norman Osborn's office. Norman Osborn calls Taskmaster to tell him he'll visit Camp H.A.M.M.E.R. the next day. The Hood protests against Taskmaster's introduction to the Cabal.
Taskmaster recounts his Cabal meeting.[19]

Avengers The Initiative 031 p01
Avengers The Initiative 031 p05

Avengers: The Initiative #035 (2010)

Black Panther

Black Panther #021 (2006)

Iron Man is asked to take care of Black Panther and Storm.[20]

Captain America

Captain America #607 (2010)

Captain America #611 (2010)

Chaos War

Chaos War #01 (2010)

Civil War

Civil War #02 (2006)

Tony Stark waits for the Registration Act to become law. MJ and Aunt May watch Spider-Man's press conference.[21]

Civil War #04 (2006)

The combattants rest and recover, Reed Richards works on Clor. Criminals are enlisted to fight the resistance.[22]

Civil War #05 (2006)

Nighthawk and Stature join the pro-registration side. Iron Man fight Spider-Man who escapes.[23]

Civil War: Choosing Sides #01 (2006)

Tony Stark sends US Agent to Canada.[24]

Civil War: Front Line #09 (2006)

Tony Stark tells Reed Richards he knows who the traitor is.[25]

Civil War: Front Line #011 (2006)

Sally Floyd and Ben Urich tell Tony Stark they know the role he played in the Civil War.[26]

Civil War: The Initiative #01 (2007)

Ms Marvel tells Iron Man she found Jessica Drew but let her go. He then picks the members of the Mighty Avengers.[27]

Civil War: X-Men #01 (2006)

Bishop meets with Iron Man, Val Cooper and General Lazer about policing mutants.[28]


Daredevil #503 (2010)

The tower is visible in the night skyline.[29]

Daredevil #504 (2010)

Norman Osborn tells Hawkeye he is not to be involved in the coming riots.[30]

Dark Avengers

Dark Avengers #09 (2009)

Norman Osborn has locked himself and doesn't want to see anyone, before admitting he might need some help.
The Dark Avengers, while having lunch, see Sentry flying back home on the top of the tower.
In his private quarter, he's gunned in the face by his wife.
A beep is heard on the door behind which Osborn was.[31]

Dark Avengers 09 p02
Dark Avengers 09 p03

Dark Avengers #010 (2009)

The Dark Avengers meet. Norman Osborn sends Sentry to Dinosaur, Colorado to investigate on the disparitions.[32]

Dark Avengers 10 p14
Dark Avengers 10 p16
Dark Avengers 10 p18

Dark Avengers #012 (2010)

Victoria Hand and Norman Osborn agree he needs to have a psychic evaluation.[33]

Dark Avengers Annual #01 (2010)

Noh-Varr leaves the Avengers upon learning they're madmen and assassins.[34]

Dark Avengers Annual 01 p02
Dark Avengers Annual 01 p03

Dark Avengers #013 (2010)

Two Months ago. Norman Osborn offers the Serum to Sentry which wakes up the Void.
Three days ago. Lindy shoots The Sentry fearing what he really is. The Void tries to kill her but Bob gets enough control to get away flying toward the Sun.[35]

Dark Avengers 013 p04

Dark Avengers #014 (2010)

H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier, hovering over Avengers Tower. Victoria Hand talks to Norman Osborn about talking to a psychiatrist. She laters deals with Ms Marvel.
Sentry arrives and wreaks havoc on Manhattan. Iron Patriot calms him down.
Norman Osborn tells Hawkeye to go and kill Sentry's wife.[36]

Dark Avengers 014 p02
Dark Avengers 014 p08-09

Dark Avengers #015 (2010)

Dark Avengers #016 (2010)

Dark Reign

Dark Reign: Elektra #02 (2009)

Drkrelek002022 col-cv

Dark Reign: Hawkeye #01 (2010)

Iron Patriot tells Hawkeye he must keep his sociopath behavior under control.[37]

Dark Reign: Hawkeye #02 (2010)

Norman Osborn asks Hawkeye to go after PTSF, in their Brooklyn hideout.[38]

Dark Reign: Hawkeye #03 (2010)

Hawkeye wakes up from what he thinks was a nightmare and sees a man wearing a Bullseye costume even though the computer tells him there's no one else in the bedroom.
Later, he talks with Karla about mental disorders. He's later driven crazy by Bullseye impostors. He gets after one of them and gets suddenly surrounded by a large number of Bullseye impostors.[39]

Dark Reign Hawkeye 03 p05
Dark Reign Hawkeye 03 p06

Dark Reign: Lethal Legion #01 (2009)

Flashback to the time when Tiger Shark tried to blackmail Norman Osborn. Venom and Bullseye toss him out.[40]

Dark Reign: Lethal Legion #02 (2009)

Flashback to the time when the Lethal Legion fought the Dark Avengers and kidnapped Norman Osborn.[41]

Dark Reign: Made Men #01 (2009)

Spymaster brings the photo of Tony Stark he has stolen to Norman Osborn who burns it in order to destroy one of Stark's dearest belongings.[42]

Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man #01 (2009)

Venom is lectured by Norman Osborn for his behaviour.[43]

Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man #02 (2009)

JJ Jameson asks Norman Osborn some help to reduce the crime rate.Osborn assigns Venom to this mission.[44]

Dark Reign Sinister Spider-Man p21-22

Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man #04 (2009)

Venom is given a second chance by Norman Osborn.[45]

Dark Reign: The List: Avengers #01 (2009)

Norman Osborn explains his next plans to Ares. Next, a furious Ronin breaks and battles the Dark Avengers to reach his target: Norman Osborn. He's ultimately taken down.[46]

Dark Reign The List Avengers p02
Dark Reign The List Avengers p03
Dark Reign The List Avengers p14-15
Dark Reign The List Avengers p18
Dark Reign The List Avengers p19
Dark Reign The List Avengers p24

Dark Reign: The List: Daredevil #01 (2009)

Norman Osborn asks Bullseye to go and kill Daredevil.[47]

Dark Reign The List Daredevil p08
Dark Reign The List Daredevil p09

Dark Reign: The List: Hulk #01 (2009)

Norman Osborn sends Moonstone and Victoria Hand after Bruce Banner and Skaar. When they return, he's pleased Bruce Banner has been irradiated by Gamma rays.[48]

Dark Reign: The List: Secret Warriors #01 (2009)

Nick Fury gets help from Agent Garrett to infiltrate the Avengers Tower. Ares let him go as he needs a favor from Fury. Fury asks Norman Osborn to join their force in order to discover for whom Seth Waters work.
When he's captured, Waters gets interrogated by Osborn and Bullseye.
As soon as he says he's working for Leviathan, Garrett kills Waters from afar. Fury punches Osborn and escapes the tower and steals a memory stick.[49]

Dark Reign: Zodiac #01 (2009)

Norman Osborn is being driven back to the tower. He doesn't know the driver is spying on him for Zodiac.[50]

Dark Reign: Zodiac #02 (2009)

Norman Osborn reads Special Agent Murphy's report on Johnny Storm and rejects it. H.A.M.M.E.R. is then reacting to a Galactus event alarm.[51]

Dark Wolverine

Dark Wolverine #075 (2009)


Dark Wolverine 75 p04
Dark Wolverine 75 p05
Dark Wolverine 75 p11
Dark Wolverine 75 p15

Dark Wolverine #078 (2009)

Norman Osborn is angry at Daken's video leaked on the Internet and plans an operation to give him better creds.[53]

Dark Wolverine 78 p02
Dark Wolverine 78 p03
Dark Wolverine 78 p04

Dark Wolverine #079 (2009)

Norman Osborn is threatened by the criminals he hired. They threaten him to release a footage proving he hired them to break Moses Magnum out. He makes a deal with them but sends Daken to take them down.[54]

Dark Wolverine #81 (2010)

Norman Osborn wants to know where Daken is. Moonstone leaves.[55]

Dark X-Men

Dark X-Men #03 (2010)

Dark X-Men #04 (2010)

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #011 (2006)

Peter Parker phones MJ and Aunt May.[56]

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #012 (2006)

MJ phones Peter Parker and asks to know about the Mysterio situation.[57]

Hawkeye: Blind Spot

Hawkeye: Blind Spot #01 (2011)

Hawkeye: Blind Spot #03 (2011)

Hawkeye: Blind Spot #04 (2011)

Hawkeye & Mockingbird

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #01 (2010)

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #06 (2011)

Hawkeye's quarters.

Heroes for Hire

Heroes For Hire #01 (2006)

Iron Man and Mr Fantastic talk to Colleen and Misty about bounty-hunting.[58]

Heroes For Hire #02 (2006)

Misty has an important argument with Iron Man regarding Goliath's death.[59]


Hulk #013 (2009)

Norman Osborn sends Ares to investigate on the Hulk's death, and to kill him if necessary.[60]

Hulk 13 p07
Hulk 13 p08

I Am An Avenger

I Am An Avenger #01 (2010)

I Am An Avenger #02 (2010)

Incredible Hercules

Incredible Hercules #138 (2010)

As he is about to join the battle going on in the Olympus Group building, Ares is visited by Aphrodite who finds ways to keep him out of the battle.[61]

Incredible Hercules #139 (2010)

Aphrodite is waken by one of her men who tells her Venus is here.[62]

Incredible Hulk

Incredible Hulk #110 (2007)

Incredible Hulks

Incredible Hulks #613 (2010)

Iron Man

Iron Man #014 (2006)

Tony Stark with Reed Richards and others talk about how to counter a conspiracy.[63]

Iron Man #017 (2007)

Iron Man #021 (2007)

Iron Man #023 (2007)

Invincible Iron Man #018 (2009)

Maria Hill and Black Widow are prisoner of H.A.M.M.E.R. . An officer informs Norman Osborn they tracked Tony Stark. Osborn can't go to Afghanistan because of the US presence but asks to know as soon as he leaves the country. Which he does soon enough to go to Pakistan.
Meanwhile, Madame Masque is found in the old Crimson Dynamo armor. She was impersonated by Pepper Potts who sets Maria Hill and Black Widow free.[64]

Invincible Iron Man 18 p04
Invincible Iron Man 18 p05

Invincible Iron Man #019 (2009)

Madame Masque is treated by doctors. Pepper, Maria Hill and Black Widow try to escape the tower.[65]

Invincible Iron Man #020 (2010)

Norman Osborn meets with the Hood and his men to tell them there's no bounty on Tony Stark anymore. Madame Masque sends Ghost after Tony.[66]

Invincible Iron Man #028 (2010)

Klaws of the Panther

Klaws of the Panther #03 (2011)


Marvel Apes

Marvel Apes #04 (2008)

Ape-Speedball show up and ask to join the Avengers.[68]

Marvel Apes 04 p26

Mighty Avengers

Mighty Avengers #02 (2007)

Mighty Avengers #04 (2007)

Mighty Avengers #05 (2007)

Mighty Avengers #06 (2007)

Mighty Avengers #024 (2009)

H.A.M.M.E.R. and Iron Patriot tries to get a lock on the Mighty Avengers. They unearth a bone from Goliath to try to have a signature on Pym particles.[69]

Mighty Avengers #030 (2009)

Hercules and Amadeus come and ask Norman Osborn his help against the Unspoken. He refuses.[70]

Mighty Avengers #032 (2009)

Ms Marvel

Ms. Marvel #06 (2006)

Ms Marvel, Wonder Man and Arachne meet Iron Man who gives them their next assignment.[71]

Ms. Marvel #08 (2006)

Ms Marvel interrogates Shroud.[72]

Ms. Marvel #013 (2007)

Ms Marvel #045 (2009)

Moonstone tries to kill Catherine Donovan but she is saved by Miss Marvel. While Miss Marvel fights Moonstone, Catherine Donovan is targeted by H.A.M.M.E.R agents. She's then killed by Iron Patriot. The storytellers reveal themselves from the dead body and transfer Catherine Donovan consciousness in Moonstone's body.[73]

Ms Marvel #046 (2009)

The two Ms Marvel continue to fight before Moonstone gets the control of her body back and Ms Marvel is fully reborn. Ms Marvel takes Moonstone down but lets her live in hope she redeems herself.[74]

Ms Marvel 46 p02
Ms Marvel 46 p05
Ms Marvel 46 p06

New Avengers

New Avengers #021 (2006)

Captain America and Falcon want to have Spider-Man with them but they realise he's with Iron Man.[75]

New Avengers #025 (2006)

A man infiltrates the tower and takes everyone down, including Iron Man.
Before he makes the tower explode, he's shot by Maria Hill.[76]

New Avengers #034 (2007)

New Avengers #048 (2009)

Desperate, Luke Cage asks Osborn some help to find the baby.[77]

New Avengers #049 (2009)

Even though he promised, Luke Cage refuses to join Osborn's Avengers and escapes arrest.[78]

New Avengers #050 (2009)

Spider-Woman is on a mission to make Osborn's Avengers believe she wants to join them or at least to have them follow her.
From the roof of the tower, Osborn and his Avengers observers the fight between the Hood's Gang and Captain America's Avengers.[79]

New Avengers 50 p02
New Avengers 50 p03

New Avengers #059 (2010)

Osborn take his Avengers to camp H.A.M.M.E.R. to fight the attack.[80]

New Avengers #060 (2010)

The Dark Avengers fly close to the tower. They're headed to Long Island where Luke Cage and his friends are now.[81]

New Avengers Annual #03 (2010)

Clint Barton wakes up in a H.A.M.M.E.R. helicarrier floating above the Tower. He's interrogated by the Dark Avengers.
Later, Osborn has Mentallo scan Clint's mind. He retrieves the location of the hideout. Osborn assembles his team.
Mockingbird, Jewel, Spider-Woman and Ms Marvel infiltrate the helicarrier and extract Clint.[82]

New Avengers Annual 03 p01
New Avengers Annual 03 p02-03
New Avengers Annual 03 p05
New Avengers Annual 03 p22-23

New Avengers #064 (2010)

New Avengers #01 (2010)

New Warriors

New Warriors #03 (2007)

New Warriors #04 (2007)

Sensational Spider-Man

Sensational Spider-Man #030 (2006)

The Chameleon infiltrates the building disguised as Peter Parker.[83]

Sensational Spider-Man #031 (2006)

Aunt May realizing the Chameleon is posing as Peter Parker poisons him. Spider-Man arrives later.[84]

Sensational Spider-Man #032 (2007)

Mary Jane has a nightmare. Whe she comes back home, she finds Peter severely hurt.[85]

Sensational Spider-Man #033 (2007)

Peter recovers from his injuries. Aunt May and MJ are emotionally hurt.[86]


Shadowland #01 (2010)


Siege: The Cabal #01 (2010)

While the Dark Avengers sleep, Norman Osborn gathers the Cabal without Namor and Emma Frost but with Taskmaster. The discussion heats up between Doom and Osborn who, in turns, asks his mystery enforcer to kill Doom. But it was a doombot and it releases a swarm of nanobots that start killing and destroying everything in the tower.
Sentry puts his wife to safety and destroy all the nanobots.
The day after, Osborn asks the permission to strike Asgard, but the president refuses. Loki tells Osborn they need to create an incident.[87]

Siege The Cabal 1 p06-07
Siege The Cabal 1 p08-09
Siege The Cabal 1 p10
Siege The Cabal 1 p14-15
Siege The Cabal 1 p16

Origin of Siege #01 (2010)

Loki talks to Norman Osborn.

Origins of Siege 01 p02

Siege #01 (2010)

Norman Osborn tells Victoria Hand to inform the President they're going to invade Asgard in retaliation for the Soldier Field incident.
He convinces Ares to fight this war but Ares tells him that if Osborn lied he will kill him. Then Osborn tells the others Avengers of the coming war and that after they fight for him, they're free to go.[88]

Siege 01 p09
Siege 01 p11

Siege: Loki #01 (2010)

Siege #04 (2010)


Thunderbolts #136 (2009)

Scourge is revealed to be Nuke. Norman Osborn plans to revive the real Yelena Belova.[89]

War Machine

War Machine #010 (2009)

Victoria Hand monitors the various actions of War Machine's friends. Norman Osborn gets a victorious parade at his return.[90]

Web of Spider-Man

Web of Spider-Man #08 (2010)

Web of Spider-Man #09 (2010)

World War Hulk

World War Hulk #01 (2007)


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