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The Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), also called Xizang Autonomous Region, is a province-level autonomous region of the People's Republic of China (PRC).
Within the People's Republic of China, Tibet is identified with the Autonomous Region, which includes about half of ethno-cultural Tibet, including the traditional provinces of Ü-Tsang and Kham (western half). Its borders coincide roughly with the actual zone of control of the government of Tibet before 1959. The Tibet Autonomous Region is the second-largest province-level division of China by area (spanning over 470,000 sq mi/1,200,000 km2) after Xinjiang.
Unlike other autonomous regions, the vast majority of inhabitants are of the local ethnicity. As a result, there is debate surrounding the extent of actual autonomy of the region.
The Central Tibetan Administration, commonly referred to as the Tibetan Government in Exile and headed by the Dalai Lama considers the administration of Tibet by the Chinese government as an illegitimate military occupation and holds that Tibet is a distinct sovereign nation with a long history of independence, though the Dalai Lama currently does not seek full independence for Tibet, but would accept Tibet as a genuine autonomous region within the People's Republic of China. (source Wikipedia)


Mighty Avengers

Mighty Avengers #027 (2009)

The Unspoken fight the People's Defense Force.[1]

Mighty Avengers #028 (2009)

The People's Defense Force, not really dead, attack Quicksilver and US Agent before agreeing they need to go after the Unspoken.[2]

Mighty Avengers #029 (2009)

The Unspoken is shown when he stole the Slave Engine. In the now, he attacks a city and tries to dig out the engine. US Agent, Quicksilver and Chinese heroes try to stop him but some of them are turned into Alpha Primitives.[3]

Mighty Avengers 29 p02
Mighty Avengers 29 p03
Mighty Avengers 29 p04
Mighty Avengers 29 p05
Mighty Avengers 29 p06

Mighty Avengers #030 (2009)

Quicksilver, US Agentt and the Chinese heroes are joined by the Avengers to fight the Unspoken. Some of them gets transformed in Alpha Primitives.[4]


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